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DIY Doctor Project Name - Woodworm

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Symptoms - holes in wood from 1mm in diameter up to 10mm in diameter, dust dribbling from the holes

Photos - extreme examples - yours may be much less obvious - please send us examples

Common furniture beetle holes - fresh with bore dust

Heavy attack - holes with fresh dust

Woodworm in roof timbers

Woodworm in roof timbers

Woodworm to scale, with a 50 pence piece

Woodworm to scale.

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Common diagnosis - Common Furniture Beetle, Anobium Punctatum, but this may not be correct

Common treatment - spraying with an Insecticide based on brain toxins Permethrin or Cypermethrin, not pleasant

Common misinformation - quoting to treat old, extinct infestations, expensive waste on money

Fact Alert - some insects cannot be stopped using surface spraying alone

Fact Alert - most holes are very old and most areas do not need treatment

Fresh holes do not indicate that a recent treatment has failed, only that the infestation has not reached the end of its life cycle. Repeated re-treatment is futile and a waste of money.

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Common causes

  • water leaks inside the building - into roof spaces, under toilets and baths
  • water leaks under the building or from next door or the road - particularly in older buildings
  • 'bridging' of the damp proof course - mainly by paths, roads, steps and added structures
  • penetrating damp, through the outside of the wall - leaking gutters, downpipes, wall penetrations like pipes, wires, old wooden plugs, cracked render, missing joint mortar
  • 'bridging' of wall cavities by debris or wet Mineral Wool insulation
  • lack of good sub floor ventilation, blocked air bricks, insufficient air bricks
  • antique furniture, logs for the fire

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The answer is usually

That the woodworm have been encouraged by dampness and that the dampness in the building has been caused by a roof leak, a water leak from a drain, a water main, a foul water pipe or a central heating pipe. Do not rule out leaks being from a neighbouring property or road. Always look inside neighbouring properties to be safe. We will help you or your Builder/Plumber to find the cause.

The solutions are

Find and fix the leak(s), remove the indoor plaster (if damaged) and fit our Mesh Membrane - then replaster using Bonding Plaster. A Guaranteed result - guaranteed for 20 years.

Treat the affected timbers using one of our Boron based chemicals.

Mesh Membrane Kits from one square metre upwards - click here

Or, speak to our experts for up to 1 hour.

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