Efflorescence - a type of salt found on damp walls

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DIY Doctor Project Name - Efflorescence

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Symptoms - bubbling paint or wallpaper, white fluffy salts on surfaces, crunchiness behind lifting wallpaper, white fluffy salts on the outside of walls

Photos - extreme examples - yours may be much less obvious - please send us examples

Efflorescence on angle bead - plaster decay and rust

Efflorescence attacking an angle bead, causing it to rust

Efflorescence pushing off wall tiles - powerful

Efflorescence pushing off wall tiles - powerful

Paint bubbling up and peeling off due to salt crystals

Paint bubbling up and peeling off due to salt crystals

Paint being pushed up off the wall by sulphate crystals

Paint being pushed up off the wall by crystals

Salts pushing off paint  on a plastered wall

Salts pushing off paint and damaging finish plaster

Common diagnosis - natural Rising Damp - this is incorrect - white salts are not a symptom of natural rising damp

Common treatment - inject a Chemical Damp Proof Course - this will not cure the fault

Common cover-up - replaster - the damp and salt will ruin the new plaster and decorations, the damp will be pushed up higher and outwards

Fact Alert - this is not a symptom of natural rising damp - damp proofing injection will have no useful effect

Fact Alert - most dampness problems in buildings are NOT caused by natural rising dampness.

Efflorescence is an entirely Man Made fault!

Common causes

  • water leaks inside the building - particularly in modern buildings fitted with plastic damp proof course and membrane materials
  • water leaks under the building or from next door or the road - particularly in older buildings, built prior to the use of plastics
  • 'bridging' of the damp proof course - mainly by paths, roads, steps and added structures
  • penetrating damp, through the outside of the wall - leaking gutters, downpipes, wall penetrations like pipes, wires, old wooden plugs, cracked render, missing joint mortar
  • 'bridging' of wall cavities by debris or wet Mineral Wool insulation

Before spending money on any form of damp proofing go to our Diagnosis page and check your damp for yourself - it is easy to read, non technical stuff - click here

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The answer is usually

That the dampness was not Natural at all, but was caused by a water leak from a drain, a water main, a foul water pipe or a central heating pipe. Do not rule out leaks being from a neighbouring property or road. Always look inside neighbouring properties to be safe. We will help you or your Builder/Plumber to find the cause.

The solutions are

Find and fix the leak(s), remove the indoor plaster (if damaged) and fit our Mesh Membrane - then replaster using Bonding Plaster. A Guaranteed result - guaranteed for 20 years.

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Or, speak to our experts for up to 1 hour.

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